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+ What is this new partnership between Airpoints and The Nourish Group?

It is a business partnership allowing Airpoints members to earn and spend Airpoints Dollars at Nourish Group’s 10 owned restaurants and bars nationwide. “Airpoints” is the loyalty programme operated by Air New Zealand. “Airpoints Dollars” are a form of reward offered to members of the Airpoints programme.

+ What are the new benefits I get as an Airpoints member?

From 5th April 2016 it is possible to earn Airpoints Dollars at Nourish Group's 10 owned restaurant and bar outlets nationwide and to spend Airpoints Dollars at the Airpoints Store on Nourish Group gift cards (

+ Which Nourish Group restaurants are participating?

You can earn Airpoints Dollars at the following 10 Nourish Group-owned* sites:

Euro – Auckland; 
The Culpepper – Auckland; 
Coley & Punch – Auckland;
Jervois Steak House – Auckland;
Jervois Steak House – Queenstown;
The Crab Shack – Auckland;
The Crab Shack – Wellington; 
Andiamo Eatery - Auckland
Shed 5 – Wellington; and
Pravda Café and Grill – Wellington.

*Airpoints Dollars are not able to be earned at SOUL Bar & Bistro, Northern Steamship Co., Talulah, The Chamberlain,  Cleaver & Co, The Little District or Bistro Lago restaurants.

+ How many Airpoints Dollars can I spend?

From 5th April 2016 you will able to purchase The Nourish Group gift cards in amounts of $50; $100; $200 and $500 Airpoints Dollars at the Air New Zealand Airpoints Store (

+ How many Airpoints Dollars can I earn?

You will earn 2 Airpoints Dollars for every $100 spent at any of The Nourish Group 10 owned restaurants and bar outlets nationwide up to a maximum of 400 Airpoints Dollars per transaction. You must present your Airpoints membership card to the restaurant staff before paying your bill to earn the Airpoints Dollars.

+ How do I spend my Airpoints Dollars at a Nourish Group restaurant?

You can spend your Airpoints Dollars on Nourish Group gift cards at the Airpoints Store ( You should receive your couriered The Nourish Group gift card within 10 working days. Then simply take the gift card to your Nourish Group restaurant of choice and present your gift card at the end of your meal.

+ How long does it take to get my Nourish Group gift card from the Airpoints Store?

The gift card should be delivered to the address provided at check out on the Airpoints Store within 10 working days. 

+ How long is the Nourish Group gift card valid for?

Each The Nourish Group voucher is valid for 12 months from purchase.

+ How long does it take for the Airpoints Dollars earned at Nourish Group bars and restaurants to appear in my Airpoints account?

Once you have dined and presented your Airpoints membership card at the end of your meal at an eligible The Nourish Group restaurants or bars, you will see your Airpoints Dollars in your Airpoints account within 10 working days.

+ I am not an Airpoints member – can I still participate?

Of course – simply join the Air New Zealand Airpoints programme. It’s free to join – simply register through and you’re on your way.

+ What can I spend the Airpoints Dollars earned via the Nourish Group restaurants on?

That’s simple – apart from the obvious Air New Zealand or Air New Zealand’s Partner Airlines flights, you can also spend your Airpoints Dollars on flight upgrades, Koru memberships, hotel accommodation and rental cars. You can also spend your Airpoints Dollars at the Airpoints Store including on Nourish Group gift cards. Visit to see how you can spend your Airpoints Dollars.

+ What personal information is being used in the Airpoints Dollars / Nourish Group transaction and who has this information?

The Nourish Group restaurant requires your Airpoints membership card to be presented when dining to earn Airpoints Dollars on the transaction. No specific details of your transaction are recorded other than your total spend and Airpoints membership number. 

+ Can I present my Airpoints earning credit card instead of my Airpoints membership card at the end of my meal to earn Airpoints Dollars with The Nourish Group?

Unfortunately your Airpoints earning credit card does not contain the particular technology required for us to record your Airpoints membership number directly. 

+ Where can I get more information on the Airpoints program?

Please refer to or ask at any The Nourish Group restaurant nationwide.  


Earning Airpoints Dollars

  1. The Nourish Group and Airpoints program partnership commences from Wednesday 6th April 2016.

  2. Qualifying purchases to earn Airpoints Dollars must be made at a participating Nourish Group restaurant nationwide. Airpoints members must present a valid Airpoints membership card as proof of membership. Note. An Airpoints partner credit card will not be accepted as proof of membership.

The Nourish Group Gift cards

  1. Airpoints Dollars may be spent at the Airpoints Store ( to purchase The Nourish Group gift cards to be used for dining at at The Nourish Group restaurants nationwide.

  2. The Nourish Group gift cards can be purchased in amounts of 50, 100, 200 and 500 Airpoints Dollars.

  3. The Nourish Group gift cards have an expiry date of 12 months from redemption.


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